December 2013

Dead Sea Salt Scrub – The Coolest Thing Since Sliced Bread

Well, in my opinion anyway…

…maybe not JUST my opinion.

People have been going ga-ga over Dead Sea Salt Scrub since the Ancient Egyptians, including none other than Cleopatra herself.


There has to be a reason why the last Pharaoh in Egypt would travel over 250 miles each year to visit the Dead Sea.

AKA the ancient day spa.

And she wasn’t chillin in the back of a Rolls or taking a convenient ride on a cheetah to get there either. (hehe)

I am NOT talking about Sea Salt or Table Salt or whatever kind of salt you are used to seeing everyday.

So slowly put that salt down and walk slowly out of the grocery store…

But just to ease your mind, there are a bunch of differences between Dead Sea Salt and just regular ‘ol Sea Salt.

Here’s a few…

      • Dead Sea Salt is really only about 12% Sodium Chloride whereas all other salt is 97%.

      What does that really mean? – that it’s more than just salt! There’s over 35 other nutrients that make up the salt from the Dead Sea.

          • Sea Salt dehydrates while Dead Sea Salt hydrates the skin.

          Really Jess? Yes! Salt from the dead sea actually absorbs essential oils and minerals so when you dissolve them into water they are released. (This PROBABLY explains why I love taking baths so much now…)  Sea salt does not.

          Alright, so now that you’re rocking your Team Dead Sea jersey.

          Let’s analyze the roster and the stats of our fantasy league dream team.

          The salt from the Dead Sea has been claimed to aid in the treatment of different skin conditions.

          Like what?

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          Josh Denne

          Josh Denne’s name probably has come up if you have spent any time looking into Seacret Direct.

          He is the number one income earner in the company, and after you meet him it is pretty evident why.

          The guy has heart – I am talking major humbling heart.

          I had the pleasure of meeting Josh Denne in Phoenix, Arizona and it has left a definite lasting impression.


          He shook my hand, but not just any old handshake – a double handshake –  you know the kind where someone gently holds your hand between both of theirs?

          He looked directly in my eyes and with a calm, soothing voice he said “It is an absolute honour to meet you.”

          Wow – did that ever send chills down my spine.

          This guy has an ABSOLUTE gift at making people feel special.

          An attitude of “there YOU are” versus “here I am”

          How refreshing.

          You’re probably wondering – who is Josh Denne and why are you writing a post about him?

          Well here – see for yourself. This is probably the BEST introduction to who Josh Denne is….

          It is an undeniable fact that going from

              • Being evicted from his home
              • Going 1.5 years without income
              • Being negative $1 million dollars
              • No electricity
              • Food stamps

              To becoming a Million Dollar a year income earner in the order of 9 months is a pretty incredible accomplishment.

              So what’s Josh’s Seacret ??? ( pardon the pun ;) )

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              3 Rookie Facebook Mistakes You’re Making

              Facebook is a marketers dream.

              It is the easiest way to transition from offline to online marketing without contemplating chucking your laptop from a tall building.

              But like all dangerous weapons it’s power is ultimately in the hands of it’s beholder.

              I still constantly see people making mistakes that scream:

              “I DON’T KNOW WHAT I’M DOING”


               It really isn’t that hard.


              …Because chances are good you already are or know how to use it.

              …It’s free to use.

              …It’s where everyone you want to market to already is.

              Facebook was the rainbow bridge I crossed that took me from offline mlm burn out to online marketing warrior princess.

              At least that’s how I feel.

              It’s the easiest way for most of us to transition our existing skills and multiply or leverage.

              I simply started doing what I was doing offline with prospects on Facebook and before I knew it I had 2-3 people a month coming directly into my organization.

              Now I don’t profess to be Facebook guru.

              There are lot’s of people who leverage the monster to bring in thousands of leads and sales through paid advertising among other methods.

              What I’m talking about is mastering the basics.

              Which from my experience is the best place for most people to start.

              You might think these mistakes are a joke but I assure you I see them daily.

              So let me hit you with some knowledge.

              The Facebook Busch League

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              Megan Fox Acne Revealed

              Despite your opinion of Megan Fox as a person, and trust me there’s MANY. The undeniable fact that she is pretty gorgeous… alright….she’s a babe.

              Megan Fox has been on A LOT of lists in hollywood as one of the hottest actresses, including’s 2012 Most Beautiful at Every Age.

              Usually this is what we see represented in those lists….

              Picture perfect EVERYTHING.

              But don’t let this bum you out….

              There’s something this little bombshell has got good at hiding.

              Megan Fox suffers from Acne.

               megan-fox-photoshop-acneThe picture above goes to show just how deceiving what we see actually can be.

              We can completely self sabotage our own journey to healthy skin when we begin comparing ourselves to unrealistic magazine photos instead of focusing on our own solution.

              All is not as it seems for a Hollywood starlet like Megan.

              Megan has even gone as far as confiding in an interview she did with Rolling Stones stating:

              “I’m really insecure about everything, I see what I look like, but there are things I like and things I dislike […] But overall, I’m not super excited about the whole thing.”

              The truth is Acne is a problem everyone faces…no matter your race, gender, age….or even if your a famous actress.

              I face it too… as much as I hate to admit it.

              Although it has got much better thanks to Seacret products.

              No on likes having it – everyone wants to get rid of it – sort of starting to sound like an annoying sibling, right?

              Let me save you some time and help you avoid some MAJOR mistakes.

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