February 2014

MLM Recruiting Secrets – Read This Or Stay Broke – Part 2

Part 2

If you missed the post last week be sure to go back and read it here.

As I already mentioned in the previous post and as you have likely guessed by now, recruiting is the lifeblood of your business.

The very FATE of your business and success in this industry rests on your ability to master this one skill.

Haha no pressure right?

To recap quickly the three “secrets” to mastering recruiting are:

  1. How you see yourself. (Go back and read this you lazy bugger)
  2. How others see you.
  3. What you say.

Today I’m going to break down an element of the formula often overlooked and under practiced.

How Others See You

People judge you.

And guess what?

You judge them.

How’s that for a truth bomb?

The expression “you can’t judge a book by it’s cover” might be true but it’s not a mantra that society operates by.

In fact it operates the opposite way.mlm-recruting-secrets-big-maginfying-glass

You can hate it, fight it, and disagree with it all you want.

But in the end it’s just the way it is.

People are going to judge you before they make a decision to go into business with you.

Where most people are completely oblivious is exactly what they are being judged on.

Here’s a clue.

It’s not the stuff they talk about in stuffy business books from the 90’s.

Things like dressing sharp and making sure you have breath mints and business cards on hand at all times is not what I’m talking about here although those things have there place.

The people you approach have something much more important on there minds.


Your prospects are looking at you and immediately asking themselves

  • “Can this person take ME to the promise land?”
  • “Does working with this person give ME a competitive advantage in the market place?”
  • “What will associating with this person do for MY personal brand?”
  • “Does this person know something that I don’t but need to know?”

These are the questions people are asking themselves.

I know you thought your days of worrying about whether you were going to get to sit at the cool kids table were over but they’re not.

Speaking as someone who didn’t sit at the cool kids table at school I know this can sound a little caddy and immature but it’s absolutely true.

People psychologically still want to be associated with the “cool kids”.

It’s one of the reasons top producers STAY top producers regardless of what opportunity they represent.

Their reputation precedes them.

Some of these top leaders literally have people follow them around the industry like groupies would a rock star.

A loyal following of people who all want to be associated with them in any way they can.

But how do these leaders do it?

They didn’t just wake up with a huge following of people who trust them.

Did they?

Becoming One Of The Cool Kids

There is no doubt that nothing speaks louder than results.

Results give you instant credibility, notoriety, and super charged self belief.

“But Jess you just said before I GET results I need to change the way people see me”

You’re right. It’s a bit of a catch 22.

The people without results are competing with people who have results and the people with results keep getting more and more.

How do you break the cycle and become someone people trust?

There are lot’s of strategies but here’s some to chew on:

Change How You See Yourself

Just as I covered in my previous post the way you see yourself will ultimately impact the way others see you.

As you grow and develop yourself you will see a tangible change in the way others see you.

For a full breakdown on how I apply this check this out!

Star Jacking

Birds of a feather flock together.

One of my favourite shows of all time was HBO’s Entourage.

It was the most realistic look into the inside of Hollywood life ever portrayed in a television series.


It portrays the life of a young stars rise to fame and fortune all the while keeping his entourage of friends close and along for the ride.

The show did a great job of showcasing all the “perks” that being part of a movie stars entourage has to offer.

The same thing applies in your life as an entrepreneur (without the drugs and pornstars).

Your associations and mentors say a lot about you.

Are you hanging with A listers or does it look a little more like the cast of a sub par reality show?

When people see you surrounding yourself with successful mentors it sends a social cue that you are “in”.

You get to “steal” their credibility as you build up your own.

Obviously the lessons you learn from surrounding yourself with great mentors is the real prize but getting a little “social boost” is a nice ancillary benefit.

Now what I wouldn’t recommend doing is finding people with the social esteem you want and becoming a mindless, disingenuous sicophant.

That’s off putting and will actually produce the opposite result you’re looking for.

Remember you are moulding yourself into a leader not a professional follower.

What you can do is find these leaders and do what you can to get into their inner circle.

Participate in their training, get results using something you’ve learned from them and make them a testimonial, offer to help them with something in exchange for some time with them.

More or less put yourself on their radar in a ways that say “Im hungry!”

Be Your Own PR Agent

People are going to research you online.

It’s the world we live in.

It’s not going to change in fact most experts predict it’s only going to become more apart of our lives.

If your prospects googled your name (they will) what would they find?

Would they see a portfolio of sites and references that build you up and showcase your best qualities?

Would they find pictures from your last high school kegger?

Or maybe worse would they find nothing at all?

Don’t get me wrong, having a personal brand doesn’t replace results but it helps you control the way people can connect with you, the way they see you, and gives you a platform to share your results from once you start to have them.

Some places where you can start to manage your own PR:

  • Social Networks like: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter
  • Create a YouTube channel and share what you’re learning as you learn it.
  • Create a blog and position it in front of your target audience.

These are all things I’ve done to connect with people and frame myself the way I want to publicly.

In my experience my blog and videos have been the most impactful.

If you want to have a blog and videos positioned in front of your target audience but have no idea how to do it check out my Push Button Results and I’ll do it for you.

Once you have your content and brand online  you can start to experience one of the most powerful effects to change how prospects see you; Social Proof!


People who like what you’re about and are getting value from the content you provide will share your stuff.

This all starts to contribute to the way people see you.

This can seem a little daunting but like I mentioned it’s only going to become more and more how the world makes it’s buying decisions so you might as well dive in now.

Make sure you catch my next post where I’m going to wrap up this 3 part series as well as give you some tangible scripts and strategies I use to recruit on command.

Your Seacret Weapon,

Jessica Parmar

PS if you want to learn how I have qualified prospects literally hunting me down instead of the other way around? Watch this!

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MLM Recruiting Secrets – Read This Or Stay Broke

Part 1 of 3

After spending some time around the industry you begin to realize there are really no MLM recruiting secrets.


There are just simple things that top producers do that the majority of reps don’t do.

Sometimes the best place to keep a secret is in plain sight.

The real title of this post should “How To Do What You Know You Should Be Doing”.

After coaching thousands of people all over the world of all ages, races, and sexes you start to get a grip on what makes people tick.

Human nature by and large is pretty consistent.

People want to avoid pain, indulge in pleasure, find the path of least resistance and exercise as little discipline as possible.

It’s how we are.

But it’s not how top recruiters are.

Does Personal Recruiting Even Matter?

“But Jess I was told that I just needed to find 3 people and then those people would find 3 people and eventually I would be over riding an international team of reps and living the good life”

Cute story.

This may have happened to a few people in the industry but unfortunately they are the exception not the rule.

Truth is if you want to build a significant income in network marketing you will need to recruit a LOT of people personally.

You not only need to come to terms and accept this but you need to be excited about it!

Why do you need to recruit personally (width) and not just through your team?

Good question.

Here’s how my brain gets down:

  • The numbers don’t lie. Most people will quit faster than you can say getting started training and for a variety of reasons. Because you can’t go deep in a leg you haven’t started yet be prepared to run some numbers to find some people who want to go to work and build with you.
  • Once you do have a few key people in place they are highly likely to do roughly 50% of what you do right and 100% of what you do wrong. Guess what they will do when they SEE YOU stop recruiting directs? You guessed it.
  • If you haven’t had your top person quit on you than you haven’t been doing it long enough. It happens. Good people quit for a variety of reasons. And I’m not talking about new people. Your best most profitable successful people will likely leave at some point. The only insurance against this is to continue to actively recruit personally.

There ya go.

Not just a fancy hat rack right?

If Personal Recruiting Is So Important Why Do People Struggle With It?

This should be abundantly clear at this point but I’ll say it again.

Recruiting is the single most important skill set you can possess in Network Marketing.

It also seems to be what the majority struggle with.


Seems to me we have a BIG FAT problem here.

The simple answer is ultimately the same reason we struggle with anything.

It can almost always be boiled down to FEAR.

But let me take off the gloves with you here for a second.

That’s the canned network marketing trainer answer.

This post isn’t intended to make you feel like you’re walking on sunshine after you’re done reading.

Even if all this stings a little.

I want to give you the truth.

I want you to be successful.

That’s what I care about.

Are you sitting down? Because here’s the real answer.

The real reason you’re not recruiting like a top recruiter is because you’re lazy.

I know you don’t want to hear that.

“But Jess you don’t understand, I have kids, I have a demanding job, my spouse isn’t supportive, etc, etc”

Listen I have empathy for everyones specific situation. I really do.

But none of those reasons are going to get you any closer to your goals. And if they aren’t getting you closer to your goals then we need to accept them for what they really are:

A self fulfilling prophecy that says: “I can’t do it”.

Let me clarify what I mean when I say 9 out of 10 reps are lazy.

Most people don’t or won’t spend their time on the things that make them a top recruiter.

These 3 “secrets” in my humble opinion are:

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Sleeping With Makeup On – Is It Bad?

This one goes out to the ladies.

…sorry guys, I am a girl after all!

I know we have all gone to bed with makeup on.

Maybe it was just a few times, or if you are like I used to be…. quite often.

Yuppp… You can call me Maverick

One third of women confess to doing it AT LEAST 2 times a week.


Either you’re too tired.

Had a glass of wine too many.

or are just plain lazy.

Whatever the reason might be, we think to ourselves…

…”it’s all good, I’ll just wash my face in the morning”

…”nothing will happen”

Well I’m here to tell you that Sleeping with Makeup On is BAD NEWS BEARS.


The picture of the lady above is her before and after results after 30 days of not washing off her makeup before going to bed.

30 DAYS!

That’s not even that long.

Now this might be an extreme example, but definitely goes to give you a visual representation of what not taking off your makeup actually can do to your skin.

I know seeing this really made me feel kinda shitty because I probably have done this for more than 30 days over time.


So what causes this?

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