April 2014

MLM Recruiting Secrets – Read This Or Stay Broke – Part 3

Part 3

If you are catching this on the tail end, you’re going to want to stop right here and catch up on the first 2 MLM Recruiting Secrets.

The point of all this?

Recruiting is literally the number one most important skill set you can have in your Network Marketing business.

You can wish and pray that it isn’t…but that ain’t gonna save you sista.

Maybe it’s time to face the facts and just get real good at it.

How’s that for an idea?

Lucky for you, I have broken down the 3 secrets to really becoming a master at recruiting.

1. How you see yourself – Click here to read more on this secret.

2. How others see you – Click here and read more on this one.

3. What you say – You’re in the right spot for this one :)

Clearly the last one is something that is actually talked about a lot in this industry…

What You Say

I really feel that this ‘secret’ is really the most obvious one.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand that if you aren’t saying the right things, you probably aren’t going to recruit anyone.

So then why do so many get it wrong?

I mean, come on, there are a ton of…





…youtube videos on the topic.

Shouldn’t we all be masters by now?

Are we really THIS lazy?



Do you see what’s wrong with this picture?

Seriously, if I just outed you for doing this… or you’re a leader teaching this stuff to your team PLEASE for the love of all things holy STOP!

Look, when I was new in business and especially new in network marketing I went to networking events to meet people when “my list dried up”

(PS – that’s code for I had talked to all my warm market that I was COMFORTABLE talking to).

Sound familiar?

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