May 2014

Recruiting Seacret Agents With The Green Goblin


I have people ask me almost daily…

“If the network marketing model is so great why is the failure rate of so many including Seacret Agents so high?”

It’s a great question.

And it’s true.

Most people who join Seacret or any company in the network marketing industry will ultimately quit and fail.

So how can I spend my entire day at the Comic Book Expo here in Calgary hanging out with friends and enjoying myself and STILL out recruit most people?


I’ll reveal exactly how I’m able to attract and enrol Seacret Agents while chillin with the Green Goblin instead of┬áhaving to do a lot of the activities most people hate!

Why Do People Fail In Seacret?

Ya, so by now you’ve probably figured out I’m not normal.

For lot’s of reasons.

I’m a full blown comic book geek for starters.

Which is why Jeff (my partner)and I were chillin with the Green Goblin at the Comic Book Expo in Calgary the other day.

It’s an absolute blessing to be able to do what we love to do and still build a business.

While I was geeking out pouring over coveted comics from the 60’s that I could add to our collection…

…I had 2 Seacret Agents join my team and 1 preferred customer order products from this blog.

Now that’s not really abnormal or spectacular.

It’s actually becoming quite typical (this blog had over 11,00 visitors last month wink wink)

But because of what I happened to be doing at the time when I checked my phone and saw the recruits and customer come into my back office it made me stop and think…

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