Josh Denne

Josh Denne’s name probably has come up if you have spent any time looking into Seacret Direct.

He is the number one income earner in the company, and after you meet him it is pretty evident why.

The guy has heart – I am talking major humbling heart.

I had the pleasure of meeting Josh Denne in Phoenix, Arizona and it has left a definite lasting impression.


He shook my hand, but not just any old handshake Рa double handshake Р you know the kind where someone gently holds your hand between both of theirs?

He looked directly in my eyes and with a calm, soothing voice he said “It is an absolute honour to meet you.”

Wow – did that ever send chills down my spine.

This guy has an ABSOLUTE gift at making people feel special.

An attitude of “there YOU are” versus “here I am”

How refreshing.

You’re probably wondering – who is Josh Denne and why are you writing a post about him?

Well here – see for yourself. This is probably the BEST introduction to who Josh Denne is….

It is an undeniable fact that going from

      • Being evicted from his home
      • Going 1.5 years without income
      • Being negative $1 million dollars
      • No electricity
      • Food stamps

      To becoming a Million Dollar a year income earner in the order of 9 months is a pretty incredible accomplishment.

      So what’s Josh’s Seacret ??? ( pardon the pun ;) )

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