Seacret Dead Sea Mud Soap Review

I never thought I would be writing this Seacret Dead Sea Mud Soap Review.


When I first heard people were getting clear, younger looking skin by covering their face with mud…

I thought I had ventured into the twilight zone.

I have been using different facial products my whole life.

…Channel, Este Lauder, Clinique, Vichy, St. Ives, Element, Shiseido….

(to name a few…hehe)

And never have any of those been made of mud…

…or were a bar of soap for that matter!

Maybe I was left out of something pretty fascinating.

You never know unless you try it right?

So I did.

The result?

I freakin fell in love with Dead Sea Mud Soap.


I used it 2 times a day on my body, hands, and face.

All over!

My face, typically plagued with acne, began to clear up.

Even IF I got a new pimple…

…it was gone within a day!

My complexion all over was becoming even.

Blackheads were being vanquished.

It was like a magic trick.

Mud seems like it would be full of impurities..

I mean, that’s why when you were a kid your mom always screamed after you, covered in mud from playing in the park, threw you in the tub, just to get you clean.



… not ALL mud is full of dirt and debris.

Dead Sea Mud contains a ton of dead sea salt and minerals that are beneficial in skincare, like…




…natural tar, and

…silicon compounds.

Regular ol’ mud, albiet does contain minerals, is mainly composed of Soil, Silt, and Clay.

Not things you want on your skin!

Now that we know what Dead Sea Mud is made of…

and although you know that I love the stuff….

…I really want to give you the most unbiased review of the Seacret Dead Sea Mud Soap as possible.

So you can make up your own mind.

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Dead Sea Salt Scrub – The Coolest Thing Since Sliced Bread

Well, in my opinion anyway…

…maybe not JUST my opinion.

People have been going ga-ga over Dead Sea Salt Scrub since the Ancient Egyptians, including none other than Cleopatra herself.


There has to be a reason why the last Pharaoh in Egypt would travel over 250 miles each year to visit the Dead Sea.

AKA the ancient day spa.

And she wasn’t chillin in the back of a Rolls or taking a convenient ride on a cheetah to get there either. (hehe)

I am NOT talking about Sea Salt or Table Salt or whatever kind of salt you are used to seeing everyday.

So slowly put that salt down and walk slowly out of the grocery store…

But just to ease your mind, there are a bunch of differences between Dead Sea Salt and just regular ‘ol Sea Salt.

Here’s a few…

      • Dead Sea Salt is really only about 12% Sodium Chloride whereas all other salt is 97%.

      What does that really mean? – that it’s more than just salt! There’s over 35 other nutrients that make up the salt from the Dead Sea.

          • Sea Salt dehydrates while Dead Sea Salt hydrates the skin.

          Really Jess? Yes! Salt from the dead sea actually absorbs essential oils and minerals so when you dissolve them into water they are released. (This PROBABLY explains why I love taking baths so much now…)  Sea salt does not.

          Alright, so now that you’re rocking your Team Dead Sea jersey.

          Let’s analyze the roster and the stats of our fantasy league dream team.

          The salt from the Dead Sea has been claimed to aid in the treatment of different skin conditions.

          Like what?

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