Recruiting Seacret Agents With The Green Goblin


I have people ask me almost daily…

“If the network marketing model is so great why is the failure rate of so many including Seacret Agents so high?”

It’s a great question.

And it’s true.

Most people who join Seacret or any company in the network marketing industry will ultimately quit and fail.

So how can I spend my entire day at the Comic Book Expo here in Calgary hanging out with friends and enjoying myself and STILL out recruit most people?


I’ll reveal exactly how I’m able to attract and enrol Seacret Agents while chillin with the Green Goblin instead of having to do a lot of the activities most people hate!

Why Do People Fail In Seacret?

Ya, so by now you’ve probably figured out I’m not normal.

For lot’s of reasons.

I’m a full blown comic book geek for starters.

Which is why Jeff (my partner)and I were chillin with the Green Goblin at the Comic Book Expo in Calgary the other day.

It’s an absolute blessing to be able to do what we love to do and still build a business.

While I was geeking out pouring over coveted comics from the 60’s that I could add to our collection…

…I had 2 Seacret Agents join my team and 1 preferred customer order products from this blog.

Now that’s not really abnormal or spectacular.

It’s actually becoming quite typical (this blog had over 11,00 visitors last month wink wink)

But because of what I happened to be doing at the time when I checked my phone and saw the recruits and customer come into my back office it made me stop and think…

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Seacret Reviews – The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Seacret Reviews, for people allergic to bull.


Jessica here. First off this ain’t your average Seacret Review.

Let’s face it, you didn’t come here for average.

You want to cut through the crap and get to the truth.

Well I’ve got dirt!

I happen to be a successul Seacret Agent. But I hold nothing back in this review.

I’m going to give it to you straight.

So strap in.

The Lowdown

Seacret Direct is a beauty and skincare  company with a product line that revolves around mineral rich salts and mud from the Dead Sea in Israel.

These guys basically found a way to bottle the “Fountain Of Youth”

The product rights were acquired in 2005 and the company was born.

If you’ve ever walked through a mall then chances are good you have felt the wrath of the Seacret Kiosk Ninjas.

These people have mastered the art of getting your attention and making sure you leave the mall with their products in hand.

More recently the company has adopted the Network Marketing/Direct Sales model to their already booming business.

Seems to be paying off as they recently surpassed the $1 Billion total sales mark.

Say it with me…

Cha Ching!


The company was founded by brothers Izhak Ben Shabat and Moty Ben Shabat.

Who’d a thunk a couple a renegade Israeli brothers could escape the toil of their war torn homeland to come to America and build a skin care behemoth like they have?


From selling toy helicopters in mall kiosks…

and driving ice cream trucks in Houston, Texas…

these two have come a long way to now be partnered with an industry heavy weight like L’Oreal in the multi billion dollar skin care industry.

It’s an epic story and an amazing example of the American Dream at work!

Every time I ask someone about the Ben Shabat’s the words I constantly hear back are “Humble”, “Gracious”, “Savvy”, and “Kind”.



Let me start off by saying the Seacret Product Line is vast and there’s no way I can cover it all here.

But let me wet your appetite with an overview of the line:

  • Facial Solutions: Cost $14.95-$249.95, face washes, lotions, masks, daily use skin care, great for all skin types, pricier than over the counter skin care, lot’s of selection…maybe too many.
  • Body Solutions: Cost $14.95-$49.95, daily use body care for all skin types, salt scrubs, body butter, mineral soap, nail care, by far one of the most relaxing and my personal favourite product line.
  • Age-Defying Solutions: Cost $249.95-$349.95, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, tighten skin, this stuff is botox in a box without the needles, the most expensive products Seacret offers but dramatic results are common and impressive.

In my experience the product line although not cheap is incredibly high in quality.


The Age-Defying line definitely delivers the most wow factor and instant results. Although the Facial Solutions offers an overwhelming variety of products, there really is an option for EVERY type of skin.

The Body Solutions line is definitely the most relaxing and enjoyable that truly brings the spa experience to a bathroom near you.

You can find all the Seacret Products Reviewed in way more detail here.

Compensation Plan

So you want to make bank huh?

Cool, you can!

If you decide to become an Agent and be eligible to earn an income there are no on going monthly fees to pay over and above your start up and yearly renewal fee of $49.

You will however need to remain active in order to keep the checks coming.

To be active you need to have $49 of personal autoship OR roughly $260 in total customer volume.

The Seacret Direct compensation plan is a binary plan with a bit of a twist.

Like all compensation plans there are pros and cons to a Binary plan.

I’ll hit you with some knowledge on the pros and cons and the rest of the dirty details in my Seacret Direct Compensation Plan video here.

There are 5 ways to earn:

  1. Product Sales
  2. Preferred Customer Program
  3. Team Commissions
  4. Leadership Check Match Program
  5. Performance Bonuses

It’s a fair plan with some really fun incentives.


  • High quality products that offer compelling instant results that have already been proven and selling incredibly well in the market place for years.
  • An inexpensive way to generate income from home and enjoy business tax savings.
  • A fantastic corporate leadership team that treats Agents like family.
  • Solid 8 year track record.
  • Financial stability and an impressive partnership with L’Oreal.
  • Large opportunity for international growth with sights set on lucrative Asian markets.
  • Lucrative compensation with fun incentives.
  • High quality products are on the pricier side compared to some products in the market place
  • Marketing materials and business system for Agents still needs to have kinks ironed out
  • Compensation plan although lucrative can be convoluted and tough for new people to understand
  • Product line is huge and may offer too many choices for the consumer
  • The failure rate of new Agents will no doubt be high as it is in every company like this
All In All

Now through out this review I’ve tried to give you the goods and the dirt.

Even though my opinion comes with a bias as I am an Agent I feel like I’ve been as objective as possible based on my experiences and research.

Here’s the deal.

If you use Seacret skin care products consistently and as instructed “you gon look good!!!”


The products flat out work and make you look and feel younger.

Want to stack chips with Seacret as an opportunity?

Hold on. Scud missile of truth coming right at you.

95% of people who join will NEVER make the money they want to make.


Bottom line.

They are building the business with methods that our slow, painfully awkward and seem down right stupid once you know better.

Seacret Direct trains it’s agents to:

  • Make a list of friends and family.
  • Do 3 way calls with their upline.
  • Host Wow/Home parties.

Can some of these strategies work?

Sure, I made six figures a year doing these things.

But they are painstakingly slow and soul sucking.


…Banking on old aunt Rose to saddle up and become a recruiting machine is insanity.

…Going to boring evening networking events only to be pitched by 10 other hyenas is a waste of time.

…Thinking of how you’re going to prospect your server every time you go out to eat is moronic.

Know why people won’t join someone who uses the tactics above?

Because WHO would want to emulate that garbage?

Building a business with Seacret doesn’t have to be that painful.


I show people how to build a real business, have a life and keep their soul.


I teach people how to identify their Hungry Target Market (HTM).

This is a huge market of people who ALREADY want to buy Seacret products and join the business.

Once you discover your HTM I’ll teach you how to build an endless list of leads and even show you how to have them blowing up your phone.

Now what do you think sounds more fun and effective:

Trying to twist creepy uncle Jims arm to come to your Wow Party?

Or leveraging the internet to market to the massive group of people with credit cards in hand already looking to buy?

Uhhh no brainer. Sorry Uncle Jim.

Now don’t get me wrong, there’s still work involved.

Don’t become an Agent if you’re just looking for an easy way to make a little cash.

Use the products, look like a million bucks, and hit the casino (you’ll have more fun).

If you join do it because you’re serious about creating a real business either part time or eventually full time.

Let’s Rock And Roll

That sound like you?

If not that’s cool, go here instead and get yourself all perdy.

But if you’re ready to go to work for your dreams then you need to pick someone to lock arms with.

With an admitantly heavy bias your best option for a sponsor is me!

Seriously though…it is.


Because signing up with someone who can’t offer you value…

…or a competitive advantage puts you on the same playing field with 95% of other Agents in the company.

You may be thinking “ok that makes sense, so whatchu got that others don’t Jess?”

Well, to start I’m a blogger. A good one.

I know how to make the internet yield to me.

I can generate leads online with my eyes closed.

I can then feed my team with these leads or teach them how to fish online themselves.

The best part of mastering the art of ancient internet sorcery is that my system allows me to makes sales:

…without having to run around town doing home parties

…without trying to try to twist my friends and families arms to buy

…without having get on the phone with unqualified people who don’t want to talk to me

I can cater strictly to people already looking for me who want to buy.

I rank my content and videos and leads flow to me 24 hrs a day seven days a week.

Easy peasy.

Pass me a Corona and I’ll show you exactly how you can do this too.

I also have the offline skills that thrill and have built successfully there as well.

If you’re one of the crazy ones who’s into that…

I can show you how I broke into the top 1% of the Direct Sales industry with those skills too.

Big fat BUT…

I love my free time and family too much to work with everyone.

My time is spent with people who are committed, serious, and fun to work with.

If you want to rock and roll:

Lets Rock!

Your Seacret Weapon,

Jessica Parmar

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Seacret Product Reviews – 2 Warnings Before You Buy

Seacret Product Reviews by a certifiable skin care junkie!!!

It’s true. I am totally addicted to feeling like I just came from the spa everyday.

Before we get too far ahead of ourselves, here’s a screenshot of where you can find all Seacret Products.



As you can see – there are a LOT of places you can click on this site because there are LOT of options to choose from.

So buckle up, because I am going to give you the best, most brutally honest review of all the products that Seacret has to offer.

There are four ways you can enjoy the Seacret Products:  Facial Solutions, Body Solutions, Age-Defying Solutions, and Preferred Customers.

So let’s make this as easy as possible – and go left to right:

Product #1 – Seacret Facial Solutions


Cost: $14.95 – $249.95

What you get: Every day products that are designed for all skin types, all age groups, are are uni-sex. There are 14 products ranging from cleansers, exfoliators, toner, creams, gels, and masks.

Cleansers and Exfoliators

      • Seacret Facial Cleansing Milk: A light, fresh cleanser – in my opinion, maybe a little too light.  More like a cream than a face wash but is really good if you have dry skin.


      • Seacret Mud Soap: Probably the MOST POPULAR item in the ENTIRE Seacret Product line.  Really ideal for Acne or combination skin, especially helps rashed, eczema skin (my boyfriend had dramatic results in JUST a few days!). I fell in love with stuff, it easily is the product I run out of the fastest!


      • Seacret Deep Cleansing Facial Wash: This is BY FAR my FAVORITE face wash in the entire product line. I have combination skin, and this foaming cleanser was the best at taking off all dirt and oil from my skin leaving the most fresh feeling and the best results.


      • Seacret Purifying Peeling Milk with Apricot Seeds: Similar to the Seacret Facial Cleansing Milk with a light, fresh clean while exfoliating with a soft peeling effect.


      • Seacret Mineral Rich Peeling Gel: This product is absolutely fascinating. Although it has the same consistency as Aloe Vera, rubbing it in a circular motion on dry/damp skin miraculously removes all the dead skin on your face (or even other parts of your body).  This is another one of my personal favorites and must haves! Using this Peeling gel one to two times a week will rid your face of all clogged pores and leave you with a glowing complexion.



      • Seacret Mineral-Rich Refining Toner: Removes all excess dirt and oil off the skin without the darn stingy and burning other toners cause.  (The burn is unnecessary!)


Creams, Gels, and Serums

      • Seacret Balancing Facial Serum:  What the heck is “facial serum” was definitely the FIRST question I had – let me make this simple for you. Facial Serum is made up of vitamins and anti-oxidants that are designed to give the deep, deep layers of your skin.  In dummy terms – IT EVENS OUT YOUR SKIN TONE…. Man! I have always wanted to know what would do that. Well BING BING BING! Here it is.  Not only does it even out your skin tone but works as a GREAT make up primer (meaning you don’t have to use any other kind….bye bye MAC Primer…)


      • Seacret Essential Nutrition Eye Gel:  Again… Eye Gel?  Well it’s the same effect as “serum” but a bit MORE sensitive for the skin around your eyes. Ever wake up with ugly dark circles under your eyes, or even puffy eyes? Well instead of putting on extra layers of make-up to hide it – put this eye gel on.


      • Seacret Essential Moisture Face Cream: This cream is great because it is super absorption – feels like your face is taking a drink of water without it being oily and feeling as if it is clogging your pores (like some moisturizers).  This along with the Seacret Balancing Facial Serum is a great make-up primer!


      • Seacret Intensive Moisture Face Cream and Seacret Intensive Moisture Night Cream: Although these creams are thicker – they do not ever give you the feeling of clogging the pores.  This is super great if you have dry skin… or if you live in Canada and deal with extreme cold weather like I do!


      • Seacret After-Shave Balm: Obviously I have never tried this product….but from the people I have talked to who have, I’m told that this is super gentle and doesn’t burn or cause irritation.



      • Seacret M4 Mineral-Rich Magnetic Mud Mask: I swear this mask is like a MAGIC TRICK!! You would never think that putting cool, mud from the Dead Sea would just FLY off your face with a magnet that doesn’t even have to touch your face. (The magnet is included, so you don’t have to go digging through your old science kits to find one!) Once the mud has been lifted off your face with the magnet, oils are left on the skin that you can rub in for the most refreshing spa-like feeling.  I can almost GUARANTEE you will have never seen ANYTHING like this before.


      • Seacret Mineral-Rich Clarifying Mud Mask: This is ACTUAL mud from the Dead Sea that you are able to use without having to spend thousands of dollars to travel all that way… It’s called the “fountain of youth” for a reason – this mud mask is cooling, tingling, and tightening when you put it on.  All you have to do once it’s dry is rub it off (no water needed) and your skin will literally be so clear. Blackheads that were tough to get were GONE after just ONE use! It’s safe to say, this is one of my favorites!


      • You can order from the comfort of your own home without having to go to busy malls where you will drive around over and over looking for a spot just to end up talking to a pushy sales person.
      • You can pick and choose your favourite products.
      • They last a really long time
      • Immediate results
      • Not very harsh products, so they are good for even the MOST sensitive types of skin.
      • No animal testing, paraben free, allergy tested, and SLS free


      • A lot pricer than a lot of other products that are on the market.
      • A HUGE selection so it could get confusing which products to use and when to use them
      • Paying up to 60% more to be a retail customer than any other ways of being a Seacret Customer.
      • You don’t get a sampling of other products to really determine which ones are your favourite.

Summary: The Seacret Facial Solutions are really all encompassing and will give you immediate and lasting results no matter what skin type you are starting out with.  Although it is quite expensive, the results are definitely worth it! (Espeically after I think about all the money I have spent over time to find the products that work best for my skin.)

Score: 65/100 – Products are a bit pricey; Some products you will LOVE, some you could probably live without.

Order products from the Seacret Facial Solutions line here.


Product #2: Seacret Body Solutions


Cost: $14.95 – $49.95

What you get: You literally get your own home spa – no joke! I probably should put a warning message that using these products will lead to extreme relaxation to the point of major stress relief.

Like melt into your seat stress relief!

You get cleansers, exfoliators, creams, lotions, and nail care.

Let’s go into it:

Cleansers and Exfoliators

      • Seacret Mineral Soap: A soap that actually does nourish the skin and doesn’t just promise to – Overall you will be given a sense of clean without that chemical residue and dry-ness afterward.


      • Seacret Salt Scrub: You are literally getting Dead Sea Salt – I can’t get enough of this product and the absolute variations and locations you can use this!  It is an incredible exfoliator that you can use on the dry parts of your body (like for me… my feet! I can have a spa pedicure feeling without having to pay spa prices) Or my latest and favorite discovery! You can use it as bath salts and feel as if you are soaking in a Hot Spring… just light some candles, dim the lights, and listen to some zen music.  After using this you will have a sense of relaxation that I used to think, you could only get a spa.


      • Seacret Salt & Oil Scrub: A much gentler exfoliator than the Seacret Salt Scrub – but make sure you stir it first before you use it – otherwise you will use all the oil first and the salt will get left behind.  I love using this in the shower because you are left with the softest skin ever. Make sure to use it LAST because the oils that left get left behind and absorbed in the skin leave a lasting smooth feeling. LOVE this!


Creams and Lotions

      • Seacret Body Butter: The first time I tried this body butter – I was ambushed at the mall by someone from a Seacret Kiosk who just INSISTED that I try it.  Well, it was love at first site! It comes in three different flavours, my favorite being the Pomegranate, and is my solution after I have a bath and before I go to bed. Super long lasting hydration without being greasy and sticky.


      • Seacret Body Lotion: This also comes in those three luxurious flavours – so need I mention that my favorite is Pomegranate again? (hehe) It is definitely thinner consistency than you probably expect, but don’t let that throw you – it is super hydrating. I have even heard that it is SUPER awesome on sunburns taking away the redness within 24 hours leaving just the maple-syrupy brown.


      • Seacret Hand Cream: Does anyone out there feel the same way as I do about dry hands? I can’t stand it! This cream has a really amazing scent, and the shea butter in the cream makes your hands feel so smooth and so soft, and again – not greasy or sticky.


      • Seacret Foot Cream: Alright – this is super weird – but I cannot sleep when my feet are dry. I mean I would LITERALLY wake up in the middle of the night to have to apply cream to my feet. But with Seacret’s foot cream, I can put it on when I am going to bed and be able to sleep the whole night without any interruptions.  My feet are finally starting to be soft and way less calloused then they used to be.


Nail Care

      • Seacret Nail Care Collection: I have never used a nail file or any form of nail care collection at home that has given me results like this. In fact – I haven’t ever really got these results even when I get a manicure! The buffing block will literally make your nails shine like there is a clear coat of nail polish on them without having to deal with chipping nail polish (man I hate that!) This is great, especially for those individuals who have professions that don’t allow fake nails or polish.


      • Have the most relaxing spa experience from your own home
      • Get salt and mud from the dead sea without having to spend thousands to travel there
      • A lot less expensive than going to the spa
      • Smells, fells, and results are great – immediate – lasting
      • All natural – paraben free, SLS free, no animal testing, allergenic tested


      • Can be pricier than other products that you can get at your local grocery store
      • A variety of products can cause confusion of what to use and when
      • Can go through certain items quickly

Summary: These are absolutely my favorite products that Seacret has to offer because I literally can have a Spa experience every single day – who says that it’s only something you can enjoy ONCE in awhile?  I would highly recommend all of the products in this line, whether it is for you to enjoy or a gift for someone.

Score: 90/100 – Even with a bit higher prices, these products will actually save you tons of money spent at the spa!


Product #3: Seacret Age-Defying Solutions


Cost: $249.95 – $349.95

What you get: It is amazing to me how using Seacret Age-Defying Solutions provides such dramatic results without being as invasive as plastic surgery or injecting toxins in to your body. It is, without question, on the higher end of the price spectrum, but I would much rather spend money on an all natural healthy way to reduce the look of ageing than going under a knife or needle. These can be paired with Seacret Facial Solutions.

Creams and Serums

      • Seacret Refresh Vitamin-Rich Moisturizer: This is my favorite moisturizer in the entire Seacret product line – There are little blue moisturizer balls in the cream that melt into your skin and leave it feeling super hydrated (and not greasy and clogged) and overtime your fine lines become invisible.


      • Seacret Restore Facial Serum: The difference between this serum and the one from the Facial Solutions line is that it has collagen and peptides in it which helps create firmness in your face as well as that deep nutrition.


      • Seacret Revive Eye Serum: This eye serum is amazing – I had some pretty tough dark circles under my eyes that have really never gone away – no matter what I have used, how much sleep or relaxation I get, until now! I absolutely love it. Helps reduce the crowsfeet and redness as well!


      • Seacret Regain Eye Cream: You will see immediate results under your eyes when using this cream. It is very tough to find an eye cream that will actually deliver on it’s promises, but this one definitely does.  You will see some major results within one use to a couple days.



      • Seacret Revitalize Thermal Moisture Mask: When you apply it, it does get a bit of a warming sensation and a tightening feel.  Your face immediately after will be a bit red, but you will see some instant results with smoothing out the look of your skin. It will make you feel good inside and out.


      • Seacret Mineral-Rich Scrubbing Mask: The first time people use this mask they are absolutely amazed at how smooth and silky their skin feels. The best results will come using this once a week.


      • Seacret Recover Masques: You will LITERALLY have an INSTANT face lift with this mask. I could not believe the difference I saw in my face in just 10 minutes.  Your skin will feel tingly and tight, and once its off you will literally shed years of ageing off your face.


      • You will see instant results
      • There are a lot of options depending on your ageing needs
      • Products are super long-lasting (you don’t have to reorder often)
      • Less expensive and less invasive than having plastic surgery or toxins injected into your skin


      • Quite expensive; the most expensive line
      • Lots of selection and could get confused what to use and when to use it
      • There’s no inexpensive option in the line

Summary: You will instantly feel and see the results of this line.  Your skin will immediately see smoothing of the skin and reduction of dark spots. Much less expensive and scary than plastic surgery or having toxins injected into your skin (not to mention – BETTER FOR YOU!) I would much rather use all natural products than chemicals or knives.

Score: 80/100 – Great results, fast results but definitely a high price point!


Product #4: Seacret Preferred Customer


Cost: $239.97 upfront or $479.97 upfront; $79.99/month or $159.99/month for three months; Refer 4 and it’s FREE.

What you get:  You can enjoy done for you packages that are specific for your skin type and enjoy them at UP TO 60% OFF.  There are two different lines, each with three different options to choose from.

You do not have to be limited to the selection that is below, you are able to build your own regimens with your favorite products.

Foundational Regimen

      • For Oily Skin: The following regimen is what is pre-set to give you the best results for your skin. You are able to interchange the products as you see fit and can add on additional products with a discount off retail of up to 60%.
        • Month 1 – Seacret Mud Soap, Seacret Mineral-Rich Toner, and Seacret Essential Moisture Face Cream
        • Month 2 – Seacret Essential Nutrition Eye Gel and Seacret Balancing Facial Serum
        • Month 3 – Seacret Mineral-Rich Clarifying Mud Mask and Seacret Mud Soap


      • For Normal Skin: Same explanation as above – just designed for NORMAL skin.
        • Month 1 – Seacret Deep Cleansing Facial Wash, Seacret Mineral-Rich Refinig Toner, and Seacret Essential Moisture Face Cream
        • Month 2 – Seacret Essential Nutrition Eye Gel and Seacret Balancing Facial Serum
        • Month 3 – Seacret Mineral-Rich Clarifying Mud Mask and Seacret Mud Soap


      • For Dry Skin: Same explanation as above – just designed for DRY skin.
        • Month 1 – Seacret Facial Cleansing Milk, Seacret Mineral-Rich Refining Toner, and Seacret Intensive Moisture Face Cream
        • Month 2 – Seacret Essential Nutrition Eye Gel and Seacret Balancing Facial Serum
        • Month 3 – Seacret Mineral-Rich Clarifying Mud Mask and Seacret Mud Soap


Age-Defying Regimen

      • For Oily Skin: Same as the foundational but also has the added age-defying products.
        • Month 1 – Seacret Mud Soap, Seacret Mineral-Rich Refining Toner, and Seacret Refresh Vitamin-Rich Moisturizer
        • Month 2 – Seacret REVIVE Eye Serum and Seacret Restore Facial Serum
        • Month 3 – Seacret Recover Masques (12).


      • For Normal Skin: Same as above – for NORMAL skin.
        • Month 1 – Seacret Deep Cleansing Facial Wash, Seacret Mineral-Rich Refining Toner, Seacret Refresh Vitamin-Rich Moisturizer
        • Month 2 – Seacret Revive Eye Serum and Seacret Restore Facial Serum
        • Month 3 – Seacret Recover Masques (12).


      • For Dry Skin: Same as above – for DRY skin.
        • Month 1 – Seacret Facial Cleansing Milk, Seacret Mineral-Rich Refining Toner, and Seacret Vitamin-Rich Moisturizer
        • Month 2 – Seacret Revive Eye Serum and Seacret Restore Facial Serum
        • Month 3 – Seacret Recover Masques (12).


      • Up to 60% off Retail Prices; Packages pretty much pay for themselves
      • No committment – can pause or cancel your orders at any time.
      • You can refer 4 of your friends (which you probably would do if you like it anyways) and get all these products for FREE
      • Extra discounts during holidays
      • Special gifts on your one-year anniversary
      • VIP website with your own deals, savings, offers, and online skin care advisor
      • Every dollar you spend counts as points that you can apply to purchase products in the future.


      • You are on an auto-ship so if you forget to cancel or pause your order it will continue
      • Could end up with too much product
      • If you don’t order extra products or design your own regimens, you could miss out on other products that you may fall in love with.
      • Don’t have any of the Body Solutions products included in the packages

Summary: Being able to get 60% off with no real commitment just seems like a no brainer decision to me.  Why pay more when you can pay less? The regimens are really designed for all skin types and are able to be made as you desire.

Score: 90/100 – You can have your “mud” and eat it too! (…but don’t eat the mud, OK?) – You get the savings of buying wholesale like a business owner without putting in any of the time or commitment it takes to run a successful home based business!


The Seacret product line offers a huge variety of different products – so no matter what it is you are in the market for, you will definitely find what you are looking for here.

There are a few “feature” products that I can (almost) guarantee you will not find anywhere else. – Like the peeling gel and the magnetic mud mask.

You will definitely have immediate AND long-lasting results with these products.

As a customer you can truly enjoy wholesale discounts of up to 60% without any commitments or any obligation to build it as a business – there’s really no going wrong.

With the Seacret Products you can truly have a spa experience every day – why wouldn’t you want that?!

2 Warnings Before You Buy

I bet by now you’re probably wondering what the 2 warnings are….

…or you probably have thought of some ideas on your own.

First Warning:

Make sure to do your research BEFORE you buy.

The products can be a bit pricey and you don’t want to do what I did and fall in love with the WRONG product, only to realize that you would get better results with a different one.

Second Warning :

Get prepared to become an addict – once you find the products that you love you will constantly keep ordering over and over.

Are you busting at the seams excited because of the love you have for these products, so much so that you want to run around and tell everyone you know to buy them?

Why not earn some extra spending money in the process and Partner with me.

I hope you have found these Seacret Product Reviews helpful in your quest for great skin care products.

Your Seacret Weapon,

Jessica Parmar

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Seacret Direct Compensation Plan: Lies, Truth, and Money

If you are at all confused about the Seacret Direct compensation plan don’t worry, you’re not alone.

Lucky for you Im about to shed some light on it and simplify everything.

Throughout the rest of this post I’ll be delivering the straight goods and separating fact from fiction.


If you’re feeling lazy you can sit back, kick your feet up, and watch my video overview of it all first.

The gift and the curse of this pay plan is that there are a lot of different ways you can earn income.

It can downright confuse the heck out of even a seasoned network marketer.

Let me turn on the wipers and help you see it clearly.

How To Make Money In Seacret

Seacret Direct uses a pretty aggressive non flushing Binary compensation plan.

There are 5 ways to make that chedda through the plan.

1. Retail Product Sale

Agents can earn anywhere for 30%-150% commissions on retail product sales.

You can purchase products wholesale and sell them at retail.

This is something that I could only see making sense for spa owners or people who already have traffic coming through a storefront.

If you want overhead and a closet full of products you might as well throw on your bell bottoms and head right back to the 70’s.

2. Preferred Customer Program

RICH = Residual Income Creates Happiness

Want to wipe out your pesky monthly living expenses for good?

Then you need to build a strong base of customers who reorder products every month like clock work.

The Preferred Customer Program is a no brainer for consumers.

They receive a huge discount compared to retail prices and it’s conveniently shipped to their home every month.

You can build a significant residual income by earning up to 25% commission on the volume on these monthly reorders as well this volume counts towards your rank advancements.

Seacret has also adopted disappearing autoship as part of the plan.

What this means is any Preferred Customer who refers 4 other Preferred Customers of the same or higher volume will receive their products free month after month.

Seacret-Refer-4This program is gold!

Build a solid base of happy, referring, reordering customers and count your money in the sun.

3. Team Commissions

Here’s another avenue that allows you to earn residual income.

You can earn 10-15% commissions on your lesser team leg business volume.

If you’re a bronze Agent or above it’s 15%.

As a simple example if you have 9000 of group volume on your left leg and 6000 of volume on your right leg: 6000 x 15% = $900

The company has capped your weekly team commissions at $25,000

Sorry might have to settle for the Ferrari instead of the Bugatti ;)

4. Leadership Check Match Bonus

This might as well be called the P Diddy bonus.

The compensation plan just went from good to flat out crazy

When you become a Bronze Director or above you can begin to earn a percentage of the check of any personally enrolled Agent who has also hit Bronze Director.

This is called a Check Match.

For example if you are a Bronze Director and you personally enrol 5 people who also reach Bronze Director the company would pay you 20% of their check as a bonus above and beyond everything else.

If all 5 of them earn $1,000 in a month your check match bonus at 20% would be $1,000.

And it doesn’t stop there!


Generational Check Match is stupid money…just stupid.

Gas up the yacht and get ready to don your sweet skipper hat and aviators.

5. Performance Bonuses

As if some of the crazy ways to earn cash weren’t enough, there’s actually more.

It’s become pretty standard across the Network Marketing community to offer a car incentive program to representatives.

Most MLM companies choose a luxury car you can apply your bonus to. With Seacret they give you the option to either pick whatever car you like or to put the payment towards an existing car payment.

Monthly Car Bonus

Silver Agent……………………….$600
Gold Agent………………………..$600
Ruby Agent………………………..$800
Emerald Agent………………….$1,000
Diamond Agent…………………$1,500
Double Diamond Agent……..$2,000
Crown Agent…………………….$3,000

Monthly Lifestyle Bonus

To qualify for the Lifestyle Bonus you must be a Gold Agent or above.

This monthly cash can be used on anything you wish. Travel, charity, or even just to top up the cold beer fund.

Gold Agent…………………….$600
Ruby Agent…………………….$800
Emerald Agent………………$1,000
Diamond Agent……………..$1,500
Double Diamond Agent….$2,000
Crown Agent…………………$3,000

Rank Advancement Bonus

These are one time bonuses you can unlock as you move through the ranks.

They are paid out in full up front. None of that nickel and dimin for 12-24 months.

Star Builder……………………….$50
Bronze Agent…………………….$125
Silver Agent……………………$1,000
Gold Agent…………………….$3,000
Ruby Agent…………………….$7,000
Emerald Agent……………….$40,000
Diamond Agent…………….$200,000
Double Diamond Agent……$250,000
Crown Agent………………$1,000,000

How To Pop Ranks Like Their Hot!

No doubt the simplest way to bank is to rank.

As you climb the comp plan your income deservingly goes up.

Seacret decided to let Agents rank advance through both the number of active agents in their left and right legs (based on their enrollment tree) AND/OR through the total sales volume in their left and right legs.

This is a cool concept as most companies it’s one or the other.

In this plan recruiters as well as customer acquirers are both rewarded.


What’s Hot?

Let me start by saying that stability is sexy!

Today the internet is riddled with programs that are here today, gone tomorrow.

Seacret as a company has been battle tested.

They have met the instability in todays economy head on and THREW DOWN!

This is important.

What’s the point in putting your time, energy, heart and money into something that could be gone tomorrow?

Along with the company the products are also well proven.

Consumers have been buying and loving Seacret products for a long time.

Ever looked at a company and thought to yourself:  “I wonder how many people would buy this crap if there wasn’t a way to get paid for it?”

Yup me too.

Not here buddy.

These products have been selling by the truckload for years prior to any comp plan being attached.

That’s right. Skin care street cred.

Put those two things together and combine it with an aggressive compensation plan that offers some down right ridiculous bonuses and you have a pretty strong opportunity.

What’s Not

Seacret’s comp plan is far from perfect.

It has chinks in it’s armor like every plan does.

One of my beefs is just how big an organization you need to build to start earning really big money.

The company like most network marketing companies deals in physical product so there are naturally higher operating costs for things like production, warehousing, staff etc.

Even though the compensation plan is aggressive compared to other companies in this space this translates to a lower percentage commission paid out to Agents then some other affiliate opportunities that are out there.

Another aspect that has a tendency to turn me into a raging Hulk is when companies use BV (business volume) instead of assigning a point per dollar.

It makes calculating volume needed for rank advancements etc. a lot more of nuisance.

In this comp plan $20 of volume has a BV of roughly 12.

This is a total pet peeve of mine and should be outlawed from all compensation plans.

Aside from what I already covered the last unfavorable feature of the comp plan is how confusing it can be.

I brushed on this earlier but it really can be overwhelming for someone looking at how they are going to be compensated.

It’s a double edge sword, there are literally too many ways to get paid.

I suppose there are worse problems to have.

So what’s the game plan to max this sucker out and start making your bank tellers eyes bulge?

Time To Make It Rain

Alright, let’s talk turkey.

First off things don’t start to get interesting here until you reach Bronze Agent.

This is where your Check Match starts and where you team commissions go from 10% to 15%.

You should run your guts out to this rank as fast as possible to build a story for yourself and set the pace for your team to follow.

You can also choose to come in at the $1,450 level which instantly bumps you up to Bronze for 12 weeks!

On your journey you are going to have a slew of people tell you that you can earn an income selling Seacret Products.

This is true to a degree. However in order to make big bucks you need to sell a LOT.

The people you see at the top of the compensation plan making bank are not by and large running around trying to acquire customers.

The way that a large volume of product is moved is through attracting leaders to your organization who want to build a business.

If you want to make your way up the compensation plan you need to switch your mindset from pushing products to pulling in leaders.

The company and even other Agents will tell you that ANYONE can build a large business. That’s a lie.

In fact the majority of people will never hit their income goal.

And to clarify that’s NOT because the business model doesn’t work, it’s a pyramid scheme, Seacret Direct is a scam, or any other nonsense uneducated people will throw out there.

It’s because most people never learn how to market and attract the right people.

Anyone may be able to sell some products here or there and make some part time income but to build a real business you must be able to attract leaders.

You don’t need many.

In my experience 2-5 solid leaders is enough to pull down a healthy six figure income from home.

Where I see countless people fail is when they try to convince themselves they can turn their aunt Ruth or that pimply faced kid working at 7 Eleven into one of these leaders.

Has it been done?

Of course!

Is it something I would bank the future of my business and my families well being on? No flippin way.

I have mastered how to attract people who are already looking for Dead Sea products or looking to join Seacret and become a leader and are serious about building a business.

These people already have their credit cards in hand. I don’t need to convince them.

Wouldn’t you agree the chances of finding a few leaders from this group is a lot higher than running around pitching strangers, being the family weirdo at Thanksgiving dinner , or spamming everyone on Facebook?

Of course it is.

You could have the fanciest, shiniest, newest compensation plan, out there but if you can’t attract great high quality people to you it means nothing.

Learning how to have these hungry target market buyers hunt you down is the real key to raking in the doh with the Seacret compensation plan.


Your Seacret Weapon,

Jessica Parmar

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