Sleeping With Makeup On – Is It Bad?

This one goes out to the ladies.

…sorry guys, I am a girl after all!

I know we have all gone to bed with makeup on.

Maybe it was just a few times, or if you are like I used to be…. quite often.

Yuppp… You can call me Maverick

One third of women confess to doing it AT LEAST 2 times a week.


Either you’re too tired.

Had a glass of wine too many.

or are just plain lazy.

Whatever the reason might be, we think to ourselves…

…”it’s all good, I’ll just wash my face in the morning”

…”nothing will happen”

Well I’m here to tell you that Sleeping with Makeup On is BAD NEWS BEARS.


The picture of the lady above is her before and after results after 30 days of not washing off her makeup before going to bed.

30 DAYS!

That’s not even that long.

Now this might be an extreme example, but definitely goes to give you a visual representation of what not taking off your makeup actually can do to your skin.

I know seeing this really made me feel kinda shitty because I probably have done this for more than 30 days over time.


So what causes this?

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The Lil Kim Plastic Surgery Horror – Anti-Aging Gone Wrong…


Those can’t be the same person…

Can they?


This is the story of the Lil Kim plastic surgery adventure horror.

The picture on the left was the OG Kim back in ’96.


When, I think, she was the most beautiful.

Move all the way forward to the picture on the right.

This is the NEW Kimmy on the block.

She unleashed her new look to the world at the Hot 97 Summer Jam in June of 2013.

Needless to say…

…it has got A LOT of attention.

Honestly, when I was checking out Google Images for pictures of Lil Kim, I thought Google was making a mistake.

Throwing up pictures of random women.

But then I thought….

…this is GOOGLE!

It don’t make mistakes.

They were all so unrecognizable.

How on earth could this be the same person?

…turns out Lil Kim loves her some plastic surgery.

Check out what TMZ has to say about her newest look.


Now, I would have to agree with TMZ here…

She TOTALLY looks like a different race.

I personally don’t think she looks good.

She definitely takes “plastic surgery gone wrong” to a whole. Notha. Level.

But she isn’t alone.

Over 15 million people every year get some form of plastic surgery.

Not all of those people are becoming Lil Kim Plastic Surgery Duplicates though…

I would say…

And I’m just spit balling here…

95% of people would think that Lil Kim’s look is a lil much.

So what type of surgery are people getting done?

Where are people getting the most plastic surgery?

The results might be shocking.

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Megan Fox Acne Revealed

Despite your opinion of Megan Fox as a person, and trust me there’s MANY. The undeniable fact that she is pretty gorgeous… alright….she’s a babe.

Megan Fox has been on A LOT of lists in hollywood as one of the hottest actresses, including’s 2012 Most Beautiful at Every Age.

Usually this is what we see represented in those lists….

Picture perfect EVERYTHING.

But don’t let this bum you out….

There’s something this little bombshell has got good at hiding.

Megan Fox suffers from Acne.

 megan-fox-photoshop-acneThe picture above goes to show just how deceiving what we see actually can be.

We can completely self sabotage our own journey to healthy skin when we begin comparing ourselves to unrealistic magazine photos instead of focusing on our own solution.

All is not as it seems for a Hollywood starlet like Megan.

Megan has even gone as far as confiding in an interview she did with Rolling Stones stating:

“I’m really insecure about everything, I see what I look like, but there are things I like and things I dislike […] But overall, I’m not super excited about the whole thing.”

The truth is Acne is a problem everyone faces…no matter your race, gender, age….or even if your a famous actress.

I face it too… as much as I hate to admit it.

Although it has got much better thanks to Seacret products.

No on likes having it – everyone wants to get rid of it – sort of starting to sound like an annoying sibling, right?

Let me save you some time and help you avoid some MAJOR mistakes.

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