Seacret Direct is a beauty and skincare  company with a product line that revolves around mineral rich salts and mud from the Dead Sea in Israel.

These guys basically found a way to bottle the “Fountain Of Youth”

The product rights were acquired in 2005 and sales skyrocketed to the tune of over $500,000,000.

The company primarily moved product through mall kiosks until their recent adoption of the network marketing/direct sales model.

Seems to be paying off as they just surpassed the 1 Billion total sales mark.

Say it with me…



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Co Founders

Seacret Direct was founded by brothers Izhak and Moty Ben Shabat.

Who’d a thunk a couple a renegade israeli brothers could escape the toil of their war torn homeland to come to America and build a skin care behemoth like they have?

From selling toy helicopters in New York mall kiosks and driving ice cream trucks Houston Texas to partnering with industry heavy weights like L’Oreal in the multi billion dollar skin care industry…

It’s an epic story and an amazing example of the American Dream at work!

Every time I ask someone about the Ben Shabot’s the words I constantly hear back are “Humble”, “Gracious”, “Kind”, “Savvy” etc.

When I met (Izhak Ben Shabat) link he lived up to every word of his reputation.


Prices of products range but one thing for sure this ain’t your over the counter face cream.

If you’re “poppin tags” at the mall and stumble upon a Seacret kiosk don’t be surprised to see prices up to double the amount you will pay through this site or any Seacret Direct Agent.

I know what you’re thinking. “Jess don’t direct sales companies usually mark up their products so they can pay for your pink Caddy’s?”

Uhhh the 80’s just called and they want their business model back.

Not here my friend.

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Compensation Plan

Seacret Direct uses a Binary Compensation plan with a bit of a twist.

It is an extremely lucrative plan compared to many in the industry and includes many fun perks for Agents including Luxury Car Bonuses, Luxury Lifestyle Bonuses, Six Figure Rings, Paid For Luxury Vacations and the list goes on.

For a full comprehensive review of the compensation plan check this out.

Is It A Scam..You Know One Of Those Illegal Pyramid Things?


Oh boy. If you still need to ask this question you haven’t been paying attention.

That’s ok.

When people see something that looks exciting and promising they have been trained to attempt to poke holes in it and look for the catch.

The direct sales/network marketing model that Seacret has adopted has been around for decades and doesn’t show any signs of stopping.

In fact it’s only growing.

The industry itself now produces over $110 Billion dollars a year of revenue.

Once the black sheep of the business world you now see the industries company logos gracing professional sports arenas and their stocks among the healthiest in the struggling US economy.

It’s an idea whose time has truly come.

The industry itself is heavily regulated and now with multi billion dollar giants like Loreal stepping up into partnership with Seacret it’s clear the company has established it’s legitimacy and staying power.



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