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Home Party Businesses 2014 – Waste Of Time Or Cash Machine?

It may or may not come as a surprise to you but home party businesses are booming…again.

Companies like Tupperware, Mary Kay, Pampered Chef, and Shaklee among many others made hosting these shindigs popular and profitable all the way back in the 50’s.


The premise is pretty simple.

Invite some people who know, like, and trust you to a place they are comfortable coming to (your crib) where you like a home based ninja will be waiting to relentlessly judo kick some expensive products down their throats.

At least this is the vision conjured up in the minds of the public.

There are plenty of horror stories of being invited to a friends place to hang out only to unexpectantly walk into a room filled with other people who also look like they have no idea why they’re there and a white board propped up in the corner.

Don’t bother looking for the exit. The overly friendly guy in the suit has it blocked off.

Of course not all parties go down like this.

How could they?

This business model of inviting your homey’s over to see your home based business opportunity and products has been responsible for literally billions of dollars of sales in the direct selling industry.

The model has certainly proven to more popular amongst women as they make up roughly 80% of direct sellers.

Despite the success the model seemed to fade as new companies and new technologies stepped up to the plate in the 90’s and 2000’s.

In an age of internet, cell phones, heavy traffic and longer work hours people found other ways to move product and enrol people into the direct sales industry.

These older companies, however, didn’t change their play.

They kept doing what helped them become the billion dollar giants they are.

Smart move.

These companies and their stocks continued to grow despite one of the worst recessions America has faced since the late 20’s historic economic collapse.

Newer companies with savvy owners were observing these home party businesses and taking notes.

This old school tactic was about to make a resurgence as companies like ViSalus Sciences, Vemma, and Seacret Direct all implemented the home party model with incredible success.

In Home Parties How To

Before you dive into the tips below see how I managed to escape the home party game so I could rake it in online instead.

Alright if you’re feelin the vapors and lookin to party like it’s 1979 then here are a few tips to help you out.


  1. Always let your guests know what they are coming to. Don’t try to be sneaky. Trust me it’s not cool to make people feel uncomfortable. On top of that it can actually make the vibe at your party weird instead of fun. Run your prospect through at least 1 piece of company info BEFORE they come to your home.
  2. It’s a home PARTY not a home meeting. People have been in meetings all day prior to coming over. The last thing they want is to sit through another one. Turn on some music. Throw on some jeans and a smile. Make it fun!
  3. Don’t make the party to elaborate. It needs to be fun but you’re not entertaining royalty here. Keep it simple. Why? If your prospects think they need to cater these parties and make em fancy like you that may intimidate them and create an obstacle to joining.
  4. BAMFAM Book A Meeting From A Meeting. When someone decides to join you in your business make sure you book their first home party THAT NIGHT. This is when they are the most excited and most likely to follow through.

These are just a few tips that helped me to create a six figure income through home parties.

They will likely feel a little awkward at the start but like everything the more you do it the better you will get at hosting them.

Ain’t nothin to it but to do it!

A Home Party Consultants Escape

Some fair warning before you decide to party like a rockstar.

As you can imagine it’s not all rainbows and pay checks.

If you’re serious about building a business through this model prepare to be busy! Very busy.

I spent 3 years hosting parties and moving millions of dollars of product a year.

Can it be profitable? Absolutely!

Was it the lifestyle I thought I was going to have?

Absolutely NOT!

I started a home business because I wanted to find a way to earn an income from my home with a business I could call my own.

One of my greatest aspirations in my life is to become a mother.

The thought of being able to earn an income and stay at home with my babies was and is my primary motivation.

What I found with the home party model was I was hosting 1-2 parties a week in my home which I worked incredibly hard to get effective at.

At these parties I would end up enrolling someone into my business.

I followed the BAMFAM philosophy and booked my new recruits party for the following week.

Because this person was new, naturally I would need to help them host their first party to show them how it’s done, be a good leader, and ensure they got results and were duplicating.

So the following week I would now have three home parties.

Two at my house to grow my team and replace anyone who may have quit and one at my new recruits house to get them started.

You can see where this is going…

The better I got at the business the more people I was training.

I ended up scraping my personal home parties and focusing solely on my teams in home parties.

I found myself making decent money but having to drive all over town (and eventually North America) 4-5 nights a week to make it.

I was selling the dream and living what felt like a nightmare for me.

There was and is nothing wrong with the home party business model.

Some people really do love doing it.

But it wasn’t what I was looking for.

Luckily I found a way to leverage the internet and take advantage of the tens of thousands of people who we’re ALREADY looking for exactly what I was selling.

My websites run 24 hours a day seven days a week and can be accessed by people all over the world which let’s me build my business globally.

The people who come across my sites naturally are hot buyers with credit card in hand.

I don’t need to spend my time arm twisting or convincing.

They seek me out.

These are people I naturally connect with because they already have a sense for who I am and what I’m about often before they reach out to me.

And the best part. I don’t need to have people in my home or drive around town 5 nights a week unless I choose (I don’t).

If you want to learn how I escaped the trap of home party businesses or maybe just add an online presence to your business to make extra sales while you’re doing home parties go here.

So there it is.

Home parties are alive and well.

If you’re into it, then party on Wayne.

Your Seacret Weapon,

Jessica Parmar







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