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Megan Fox Acne Revealed

Despite your opinion of Megan Fox as a person, and trust me there’s MANY. The undeniable fact that she is pretty gorgeous… alright….she’s a babe.

Megan Fox has been on A LOT of lists in hollywood as one of the hottest actresses, including People.com’s 2012 Most Beautiful at Every Age.

Usually this is what we see represented in those lists….

Picture perfect EVERYTHING.

But don’t let this bum you out….

There’s something this little bombshell has got good at hiding.

Megan Fox suffers from Acne.

 megan-fox-photoshop-acneThe picture above goes to show just how deceiving what we see actually can be.

We can completely self sabotage our own journey to healthy skin when we begin comparing ourselves to unrealistic magazine photos instead of focusing on our own solution.

All is not as it seems for a Hollywood starlet like Megan.

Megan has even gone as far as confiding in an interview she did with Rolling Stones stating:

“I’m really insecure about everything, I see what I look like, but there are things I like and things I dislike […] But overall, I’m not super excited about the whole thing.”

The truth is Acne is a problem everyone faces…no matter your race, gender, age….or even if your a famous actress.

I face it too… as much as I hate to admit it.

Although it has got much better thanks to Seacret products.

No on likes having it – everyone wants to get rid of it – sort of starting to sound like an annoying sibling, right?

Let me save you some time and help you avoid some MAJOR mistakes.


      • In the desperate attempt to try anything and everything under the sun to find the SOLUTION to the woes caused by acne we end up becoming product junkies – which actually makes the situation WORSE!

It takes about 6-12 weeks of using products and systems consistently before any results will be visible. We often get so anxious because sometimes it can get WORSE before it gets BETTER.

      • Often because acne spends so much time complicating our lives, we think the solution needs to be complicated too…. So what do we do? TRY TOO MANY PRODUCTS. I have definitely been a victim of this. Somehow it seemed logical to me…

This actually causes your skin to freak out and get worse. Too much irritation = bad news bears.

      •  We think that if we scrub or cleanse in excess quantities for a long period of time, it will do the trick.

Not! What we are doing is sabotaging the top protective layers of the skin. Also, acne is definitely not just a result of dirt and oil, and if it was – why isn’t it on your feet?

      • The selection of skin care products out there is HUGE and often we get stuck in the trap of choosing the wrong ones. So a quick tip?

Avoid low pH’s, alcohols, or alkaline soaps…these can make it worse or even clog pores and trap oils.

      • The most obvious pitfall? The one we have ALL been guilty of? Popping or picking your pimples. Is it really shocking this is something you should avoid?…Really?

This will be the FASTEST way to get scars and have a perpetual state of acne. Totally what you are trying to avoid.

It’s painfully obvious we can all be a little dumb about this stuff sometimes.

Most of us don’t even really know or understand what acne is or what causes it.

It could be a lot of things: diet and nutrition, hormones (especially in women), infections, and even genetics…or any combo of these things.

What can we do to fix it?

Surprisingly – A lot.


      • We have got to STOP touching our face… Let me save you some time, the pimple is still going to be there in two minutes you don’t need to feel it to believe it.


      • Stop trying a new thing every day, no matter how tempting it seems – Let’s try and be consistent here people! Maintain your regimen two times a day – every day.


      • Exercise!! Who would have thought that sweating will help? It does! By exercising, we are releasing all the toxins from our bodies. Also – it helps relieve stress, and the less stressed we are, the less oil our body produces.


      • For the women out there – check your make-up. I don’t know how many times I have reacted badly to make-up because it clogs my skin. Quick tip – make sure you get “oil-free” or “noncomedogenic” make-up.


      • Manage your stress – sound easy enough? Exercise can help with that- but finding what works for you. I like to meditate and get myself in a good mental state once a day.


      • Watch your diet – have you ever heard the term “garbage in, garbage out”? Well it’s simple, but true. If you are eating unclean, greasy, nasty foods (even if it tastes good in the moment…) it will show itself in due time – on your skin, your body, energy levels, you name it!


      • Drink LOTS of water – 4L a day – sounds excessive but water cleanses your body and attacks the dirt and oil from the inside out.

Now I know what you’re thinking, sounds too simple….


I’ve tried all that before.

Well you’re right.

But the key most people miss is CONSISTENCY.

Guaranteed we got too impatient – we live in a world where we want immediate results.

Open up your brain tank because here comes some premium high octane knowledge.


Most people who have slain the acne dragon have developed a daily regimen they follow without fault.

They stick to it and make it a habit.

The results won’t come over night and sometimes our skin will get worse before it gets better.

But stay the course and don’t get discouraged.

The perfect skin you see in magazines is far from reality but that doesn’t mean you have to live with acne.

There are solutions for all of us.

Your Seacret Weapon,

Jessica Parmar


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