Push Button Results

Push Button Results

Whether you’re on my team or not I can put your success on cruise control.

Struggling to wrap your head around any or all aspects of this crazy blogging stuff?

No problem.

I get it.

I’ve invested 10’s of thousands of dollars and countless hours hunched over my laptop to learn this stuff.

I meet people everyday who have passion and drive in spades.

They want to be successful.

They’ve tried to make it work.

They’ve followed the steps I’ve laid out.

But something is still missing.

What they don’t have is:

Watching people with potential  let these things hold them back is hard for me to do.

So despite the fact doing this for people is totally unscalable and can be pain staking I want to see you win.

Below are the 3 areas I see people struggling with the most along with my autopilot solution to assassinate your struggles.

 Bangin Blog Design

Need a high converting, SEO optimized, completely unique WordPress blog made custom just for you?

I got you.

I’ll personally see to hit that you have everything you need to blog with the best including a custom lead sucking squeeze page, a bangin social sharing function, unique fonts that set you apart, and search engine optimization to put you on top of Google.

All this for a one time investment of $997

Fast turn around time (typically within 24-48 hrs). I don’t consider it finished until you absolutely love it. No refunds.

Click here to get your own custom blog.


Rank Crushing Article Writing

Don’t have the time, energy, or creative prowess to write engaging articles that will have your audience dying to slap down the plastic?

No sweat.

Witness a pro at work and let me create custom articles for you that rank and convert.

$97 per article or $247 for 3 at once.

Fast turn around time (typically 24-48 hours). No refunds. I’ll include 1 revision.

Click the link below if you’re ready for pro content.



Search Engine Domination

Let’s face it. If no one can find you no one can pay you.

Want to see your site at the top of Google and/or Youtube without the hassles or wasted time and money?

I’ll hook you up with a page 1 ranking for your primary money keyword without you having to lift a finger.

Yup! On autopilot with the push of a button.

So sit back and relax and let me put my skills that thrill to work for you.

Ask yourself what a page one ranking in front of thousands of people every month is worth?

Your investment with me is $997 a month on going.

It’s that simple.

This service is available for articles as well as video.

Rank Me Jess!!!

There it is.

Complete Autopilot.

Uncork that 2009 Château Margaux, put on some smooth tunes, and relax while I take the hard work out of blog domination.

Your seacret weapon,

Jessica Parmar


  1. Melina
    May 19, 2014 - Reply

    Hello there. I’m so received. This is just how I see my business growing! I understand your process. So I’m curious if the one time investment of about $500 will always provide content that will remain at the top of Google search page? Will I need to purchase more content over time? Also am I able to add content on the blog? Like before and after pics? And is the site owned by me? Do I have the right to change things and design and add my own writings? Your a smart worker bee! Thank you ahead of time! I’m sorry I didn’t meet you before I signed up:)

    • Jessica Parmar
      May 19, 2014

      Hey Melina!! Thanks so much for reaching out :) The $500 would get you three high converting Google optimizing articles. Ranking those articles is a separate service or you can do that part yourself. When I design a blog for you, you own it and I would show you how to add your own content to it. If you want to set up a strategy session, I would be willing to speak with you on the phone for a 15 minute strategy session where we can chat about the details. Drop me a line in my contact me section and I will get back to you with a time to set it up :) Looking forward to connecting!

  2. Trina
    June 26, 2014 - Reply

    when you buy the on time investment $500.. i see theres a pay later option, how long do i have to pay ofter? i just recently bout the basic package from seacret.

    • Jessica Parmar
      June 27, 2014

      Hey Trina, are you talking about the Blog design? Let me know and then it will be easier for me to clearly answer your question :)

  3. July 9, 2014 - Reply

    Hey jess I noticed your SEO service I was utilizing a service before using blog networks and link emperor and other things and I had my articles ranked on the first page of google and about a month ago google changed the algorythms and went after the blog networks so the question I have is your content says 199 per month but when I click on it, it says 1000 per month? If you wouldnt mind talking on the phone that would be great. My cell is 972 821 8417 thanks.

    • Jessica Parmar
      July 10, 2014

      Hey Chris!! I responded to your e-mail :) Looking forward to connecting soon.

  4. CalvinLe
    September 27, 2014 - Reply

    What happens when you have many seacret agents on the front page of google?

    • Jessica Parmar
      October 6, 2014

      Hey Calvin! Great question – Google will always want to put the most relevant sites on page one of Google and so if your site is high quality content and delivers the value people are searching for it would not matter if they were all Seacret Agents. Also, there are literally thousands upon thousands of different keywords to be ranked on page one for that the opportunity is virtually limitless. Hope that helps answer your question and feel free to contact me should you have any further questions and want to connect! Cheers :)

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