Seacret Reviews – The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

by Jessica Parmar in Seacret

Seacret Reviews, for people allergic to bull.


Jessica here. First off this ain’t your average Seacret Review.

Let’s face it, you didn’t come here for average.

You want to cut through the crap and get to the truth.

Well I’ve got dirt!

I happen to be a successul Seacret Agent. But I hold nothing back in this review.

I’m going to give it to you straight.

So strap in.

The Lowdown

Seacret Direct is a beauty and skincare  company with a product line that revolves around mineral rich salts and mud from the Dead Sea in Israel.

These guys basically found a way to bottle the “Fountain Of Youth”

The product rights were acquired in 2005 and the company was born.

If you’ve ever walked through a mall then chances are good you have felt the wrath of the Seacret Kiosk Ninjas.

These people have mastered the art of getting your attention and making sure you leave the mall with their products in hand.

More recently the company has adopted the Network Marketing/Direct Sales model to their already booming business.

Seems to be paying off as they recently surpassed the $1 Billion total sales mark.

Say it with me…

Cha Ching!


The company was founded by brothers Izhak Ben Shabat and Moty Ben Shabat.

Who’d a thunk a couple a renegade Israeli brothers could escape the toil of their war torn homeland to come to America and build a skin care behemoth like they have?


From selling toy helicopters in mall kiosks…

and driving ice cream trucks in Houston, Texas…

these two have come a long way to now be partnered with an industry heavy weight like L’Oreal in the multi billion dollar skin care industry.

It’s an epic story and an amazing example of the American Dream at work!

Every time I ask someone about the Ben Shabat’s the words I constantly hear back are “Humble”, “Gracious”, “Savvy”, and “Kind”.



Let me start off by saying the Seacret Product Line is vast and there’s no way I can cover it all here.

But let me wet your appetite with an overview of the line:

  • Facial Solutions: Cost $14.95-$249.95, face washes, lotions, masks, daily use skin care, great for all skin types, pricier than over the counter skin care, lot’s of selection…maybe too many.
  • Body Solutions: Cost $14.95-$49.95, daily use body care for all skin types, salt scrubs, body butter, mineral soap, nail care, by far one of the most relaxing and my personal favourite product line.
  • Age-Defying Solutions: Cost $249.95-$349.95, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, tighten skin, this stuff is botox in a box without the needles, the most expensive products Seacret offers but dramatic results are common and impressive.

In my experience the product line although not cheap is incredibly high in quality.


The Age-Defying line definitely delivers the most wow factor and instant results. Although the Facial Solutions offers an overwhelming variety of products, there really is an option for EVERY type of skin.

The Body Solutions line is definitely the most relaxing and enjoyable that truly brings the spa experience to a bathroom near you.

You can find all the Seacret Products Reviewed in way more detail here.

Compensation Plan

So you want to make bank huh?

Cool, you can!

If you decide to become an Agent and be eligible to earn an income there are no on going monthly fees to pay over and above your start up and yearly renewal fee of $49.

You will however need to remain active in order to keep the checks coming.

To be active you need to have $49 of personal autoship OR roughly $260 in total customer volume.

The Seacret Direct compensation plan is a binary plan with a bit of a twist.

Like all compensation plans there are pros and cons to a Binary plan.

I’ll hit you with some knowledge on the pros and cons and the rest of the dirty details in my Seacret Direct Compensation Plan video here.

There are 5 ways to earn:

  1. Product Sales
  2. Preferred Customer Program
  3. Team Commissions
  4. Leadership Check Match Program
  5. Performance Bonuses

It’s a fair plan with some really fun incentives.


  • High quality products that offer compelling instant results that have already been proven and selling incredibly well in the market place for years.
  • An inexpensive way to generate income from home and enjoy business tax savings.
  • A fantastic corporate leadership team that treats Agents like family.
  • Solid 8 year track record.
  • Financial stability and an impressive partnership with L’Oreal.
  • Large opportunity for international growth with sights set on lucrative Asian markets.
  • Lucrative compensation with fun incentives.
  • High quality products are on the pricier side compared to some products in the market place
  • Marketing materials and business system for Agents still needs to have kinks ironed out
  • Compensation plan although lucrative can be convoluted and tough for new people to understand
  • Product line is huge and may offer too many choices for the consumer
  • The failure rate of new Agents will no doubt be high as it is in every company like this
All In All

Now through out this review I’ve tried to give you the goods and the dirt.

Even though my opinion comes with a bias as I am an Agent I feel like I’ve been as objective as possible based on my experiences and research.

Here’s the deal.

If you use Seacret skin care products consistently and as instructed “you gon look good!!!”


The products flat out work and make you look and feel younger.

Want to stack chips with Seacret as an opportunity?

Hold on. Scud missile of truth coming right at you.

95% of people who join will NEVER make the money they want to make.


Bottom line.

They are building the business with methods that our slow, painfully awkward and seem down right stupid once you know better.

Seacret Direct trains it’s agents to:

  • Make a list of friends and family.
  • Do 3 way calls with their upline.
  • Host Wow/Home parties.

Can some of these strategies work?

Sure, I made six figures a year doing these things.

But they are painstakingly slow and soul sucking.


…Banking on old aunt Rose to saddle up and become a recruiting machine is insanity.

…Going to boring evening networking events only to be pitched by 10 other hyenas is a waste of time.

…Thinking of how you’re going to prospect your server every time you go out to eat is moronic.

Know why people won’t join someone who uses the tactics above?

Because WHO would want to emulate that garbage?

Building a business with Seacret doesn’t have to be that painful.


I show people how to build a real business, have a life and keep their soul.


I teach people how to identify their Hungry Target Market (HTM).

This is a huge market of people who ALREADY want to buy Seacret products and join the business.

Once you discover your HTM I’ll teach you how to build an endless list of leads and even show you how to have them blowing up your phone.

Now what do you think sounds more fun and effective:

Trying to twist creepy uncle Jims arm to come to your Wow Party?

Or leveraging the internet to market to the massive group of people with credit cards in hand already looking to buy?

Uhhh no brainer. Sorry Uncle Jim.

Now don’t get me wrong, there’s still work involved.

Don’t become an Agent if you’re just looking for an easy way to make a little cash.

Use the products, look like a million bucks, and hit the casino (you’ll have more fun).

If you join do it because you’re serious about creating a real business either part time or eventually full time.

Let’s Rock And Roll

That sound like you?

If not that’s cool, go here instead and get yourself all perdy.

But if you’re ready to go to work for your dreams then you need to pick someone to lock arms with.

With an admitantly heavy bias your best option for a sponsor is me!

Seriously though…it is.


Because signing up with someone who can’t offer you value…

…or a competitive advantage puts you on the same playing field with 95% of other Agents in the company.

You may be thinking “ok that makes sense, so whatchu got that others don’t Jess?”

Well, to start I’m a blogger. A good one.

I know how to make the internet yield to me.

I can generate leads online with my eyes closed.

I can then feed my team with these leads or teach them how to fish online themselves.

The best part of mastering the art of ancient internet sorcery is that my system allows me to makes sales:

…without having to run around town doing home parties

…without trying to try to twist my friends and families arms to buy

…without having get on the phone with unqualified people who don’t want to talk to me

I can cater strictly to people already looking for me who want to buy.

I rank my content and videos and leads flow to me 24 hrs a day seven days a week.

Easy peasy.

Pass me a Corona and I’ll show you exactly how you can do this too.

I also have the offline skills that thrill and have built successfully there as well.

If you’re one of the crazy ones who’s into that…

I can show you how I broke into the top 1% of the Direct Sales industry with those skills too.

Big fat BUT…

I love my free time and family too much to work with everyone.

My time is spent with people who are committed, serious, and fun to work with.

If you want to rock and roll:

Click Here Apply To Work With Me Personally In Seacret Direct

Lets Rock!

Your Seacret Weapon,

Jessica Parmar

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Rick Morales

I’m interested in learning more.




Jessica Parmar

Great speaking with you tonight Rick!


Daniel Chavez Moran

Good information. Lucky me I came across your website by accident (stumbleupon).
I have bookmarked it for later!


Jessica Parmar

Hey Daniel!

Glad you got value out of it! Make sure to check out the site for more :)


Dave wooldridge

Already signed up yesterday through a friend. But….I hate the wow stuff and cheerleader type meetings. Sooo. I found your site. What now ? Dave.


Jessica Parmar

Hey Dave!! Thanks for reaching out. I’m not into doing wow parties, phone calls, or pitching my friends and family either. The good news is you can be successful WITHOUT having to do that. If you want to learn how, I can teach you through either a course that I offer or my done for you services like I do for other Seacret Agents, no matter what team they are on. If you want to ask any further questions or let me know exactly how you want to build, send me a message in the contact form and we can figure out how to help you do the same thing.



Hi Jessica stumbled on your website while doing reviews about the products. I am seriously considering joining your team now. Please email more info. Thanks.


Jessica Parmar

Hey OV! Thanks for reaching out. I sent you an e-mail :) Look forward to connecting.



Hi Jessica, I have just joined a couple of hours ago and have been browsing the web to find ways to get this Seacret biz going, and stumbled across this site. It’s awesome what you’ve done here.

Although I may not be in your group, I was hoping you wouldn’t mind helping me with some of your marketing tools/tips. I really need to get this off the ground…can you help me?

Kind regards :)


Jessica Parmar

Hey Bernadette!!

Thanks so much for reaching out and welcome to Seacret :) I help A LOT of Seacret Agents that are on other teams to teach them how to build their business online, we are one big community. With that being said, I definitely can help you! If you go to this page and enter you e-mail address, you will see a quick video on how I help Seacret Agents build online and can see different ways to get mentorship by me :) or if you want me to do it for you, go to this page and see what services I offer. If you have any questions at all, feel free to contact me.

Looking forward to helping you out :)



hi i jessica,
i would like to learn more about how to promote online
thank you


Jessica Parmar

Hey Nelli! Thanks for reaching out :) I sent you an e-mail about ways I can help you promote online. Looking forward to connecting!



Do you teach these methods for other products as well


Jessica Parmar

Hey Kevin, Thanks for reaching out. I definitely do teach these methods for a variety of different companies and products. Send me a quick e-mail regarding what products you had in mind and we can go from there :)



Hi! Stumbled upon this while looking for reviews on this product :) read through your page and am now interested.. How does this work? Info please.. Email me back. Thanks!


Jessica Parmar

Hey Cheryll! Thanks for reaching out :) You can partner with me by clicking here or you can contact me if you have any more specific questions that I can help you with. The more specific, the easier it is for me to help ya!


Dorte Winther Hansen

Hi Jessica.
I live in Denmark but I have a huge Network in the States.
Please let me know how I sign up and how I get started :)
I just saw the products for the first time today in Copenhagen and yes, I carried out a bag with the nail products and a body lotion :)
I paid a whooping $ 100 for it but my God, it is absolutely awesome.
I have great succes in MLM and work with two other companies, that YOU might be interested in joining :)
Please contact me ASAP.
Warm regards,


Jessica Parmar

Hey Dorte :) Thank you so much for reaching out!! I would love to be able to help you get things kicked off in Denmark, I have sent you an e-mail from so we can get it sorted :) Looking forward to connecting!



Hello! Someone in my Facebook group shared this website with us so
I came to take a look. I’m definitely loving the information.
I’m book-marking and will be tweeting this to my followers!
Excellent blog and outstanding style and design.


Jessica Parmar

Hey Sommer! Thank you so much for the positive feedback :) Glad this was helpful for you!!



I am interested please email me more information please :)


Jessica Parmar

Hey Kelly!! Thanks for reaching out, send me a e-mail in this contact form (click here) with what questions or information you are looking for and I can help you out :) Looking forward to connecting!!


Melinda Smith

LOVE the review! I’m a consumer and I love the products but run screaming from multi level marketing for ALL the reasons you listed above. I like your angle, the asthetics of this article and your approach! Well done!


Jessica Parmar

Hey Melinda!! Thank you so much for the comment love :) Appreciate it and hope you continue to get value from the blog.



Hi, thank you very much for this review I have been on this marketing before but with other it’s a ssshhh- ssshhh I can’t really tell you which it is..the only hint will be candles and party…hehehe..and like you have I have gotten sick of the things I had to do like doing a party and trying to talk to others on buying my product and all but I’m interested in to giving it another go with this product. I’ve joined and am becoming an agent and once again will be trying my hardest to really be successful at this. Thanks, I really learnt a lot more about the product and if this sold me and so interested in it I could get agents to join me. What I love about seacret is not only the product which I love by the way, but how we all help each other to be successful as it will benefit. Once again thank you for your reviews this helps me a lot and gave me more understanding of the product cos as you know the more understanding you have on your business the easier it is to sell or get others to join us…


Jessica Parmar

Hey Michelle!!! hahah, shh-shh :) I am so glad that my review was really useful to you in helping you out and I really look forward to continue providing support and a resource to help all the Seacret Agents out there. Wish you the best of luck!!


Sean campbell

Hey jessica

I received a call not too long ago concerning this company and i am simply curious to learn more about it . The Person who called had very little details to give me and it was far from enough to satisfy my curiosity .

The method you use sounds a lot better than having to spend your days harassing people to buy your product. I am 23,currently the managing director for a company and this looked like something i could definitely exceed in.

Looking forward to hearing more about this please do email me.



Jessica Parmar

Hey Sean! Great to be connected to you – I would love to help you out and answer any questions you have. Let me know what questions you have or what you would like more information by sending me a quick e-mail and I would be more than happy to help you out! You can send me an e-mail by going to this contact form (click the link)! Looking forward to connecting.



I want to learn more. Number us 9403378131


Jessica Parmar

Hey Steve! What specifically would you like to learn more about? Send me a quick e-mail at and we will be in touch! Cheers



Is it hard to get started. Is it costly.


Jessica Parmar

Getting started is very easy and you can start at whatever budget works for you :)


Brianna Johnson

My name has been dropped to be recruited recently. I have talked to an agent and this seems like a good way to start my dreams and succeed in life. Give me a text or call and help me out, please!

208-685-9452, thank you Jess!


Jessica Parmar

Hey Brianna! Great to meet you :) The best thing to do would be to click here and fill out this questionnaire and we can set up a time to connect and see what the best way for me to help you out is! Looking forward to it.


John Hobbs

Hi Jess,
Recently joined Seacret and am just getting ready to plunge head first into it. I am already on a team but I would love to learn all aspects of this company as selling to family and friends and doing the parties seems like it can only get you so far. I live in a city but just moved here from a small area, so I really am not acquainted with too many people, especially enough to throw weekly parties. If there’s any help you can offer I’d be extremely greatful.

Thank you


Jessica Parmar

Hey John! Super great to meet you my friend. The best thing to do would be to fill out this questionnaire and then we can set up a quick strategy session to see how best I can help you out in your journey so that we can get your further than the parties :)


Anibal jaramillo

Please contact me ASAP! 213-505-8120 names AJ thanks!


Jessica Parmar

Hey Anibal! If you have any questions, please feel free to send me a message through my Contact Me page and I will get back to you.


Gwladys T

Hi Jessica, great information!! Would like to learn more about the products and the business side of it. Just a curiosity, why is the Asian market is the hot one…? I know most products are for all type of skins, wondering if is there specific line for Black skin.



Jessica Parmar

Hi Gwladys, great to meet you and thanks for reaching out. The Asian market is hot for a few reasons… The market is very into skin care and they have great leaders in their markets to help the growth of the company :) There aren’t any specific lines for different ethnicity skin types, as you mentioned the products are great for all types of skin :) Hope that helps!



Hi there

I am interested in this! I LOVE the products so I would love to hear more. Please email me


Jessica Parmar

Hey Lisa! I have e-mailed you :)


Grace Ngoc Pham

Hi! Blessed Jessica, watching your youtube: Seacret Products Reviewed – 2 Warnings Before You Buy while looking for reviews on these Seacret products, and read through your page and am now interested. How does this work? Love to know more. Please email me back. Thank you and Peace!



Hi, I’m interested in the Seacret industry and would love to hear about your HTM market scheme. Please contact me via email and hope to be in contact soon.


Jessica Parmar

Hi Joe! Would love to connect with you- the best thing to do would be to fill out this questionnaire and then I will send you an e-mail to get connected! :)


Constance Gordon

Would like to strategize with you.
Have used and love the products.
Been an agent since April.


Jessica Parmar

Hey Contance! I would love to strategize with you as well!! If you fill out this questionnaire, I will get back to you to set a time to strategize! Looking forward to connect. Cheers!



I just got intorducedto this by a friend 3 days ago. I love the idea of a plan -B but my currebt work and schedule is going to hinder the execution of strategies i was taught at my “inauguration”. I am really interested but dont know how to kick-start this new venture.


Jessica Parmar

Hey Sambo! I would love to help you out, why don’t you go ahead and send me a private message by clicking here and I will help you figure out the best way to get started on the right foot that would be perfect for you. Looking forward to connecting soon!


Francisca nava

My boyfriend is very interested in doing this I feel like it is incredib difficult to do all of the wow parties and get family to buy, i am really interested I’m hearing your methods and passing them on to him, please email me to so I can pick your knowledge on this. Thanks, Francisca nava.


Jessica Parmar

Hey Francisca! Would love to connect with you guys and strategize to help make sure you build a successful business the exact way you want to. The best thing would be to contact me and/or fill out this questionnaire and we will get connected asap!


Velvet Keys

Hi. I was doing some research and came across your site by accident. I’m not a rep but seriously love this stuff and truly love the new green line.. Oh I know I can do this. Would like some more info pls..
Can you call me. Seriously !! (806)317-0725
Thank you.



Hi Jess,great blog. I live in Sydney and seacret has recently launched here in Australia so I’m hoping big things will follow. I’ve also just signed up to be an agent and not into wow parties and asking family and friends. I’m a professional direct marketer and am keen to learn how to make lots of money online like yourself, if you wouldn’t mind sharing tips that would be greatly appreciated.


Jessica Parmar

Hey Helen, great to hear from you – would be more than happy to share some tips with you. If you click here and fill out this questionnaire, I will e-mail you back and we can set up a time to connect and share away!



Great to see that Im not the only one who likes results and earning money without the craziness of the parties…I would love more info on this amazing product, glad to hear your helping so many people get on their feet. Please send me more info…. thank you.



I am a seacret agent and I am interested in learning more about your trainings for current agents ~ thank you!


Jessica Parmar

Hey Jennifer, Great to connect :) The best thing to do would be to fill out this questionnaire and I will e-mail you so we can set up a time to have a quick strategy session and figure out how I can best help you :) Looking forward to it !



Hi Jessica,

It was great to read your blog. Very informative. I live in Australia so if I join your team, will you be able to share the business knowledge with me time on time through phone or skype etc ? I will be more interested towards online marketing rather than MLM, face to face selling or party business. Will you please email more details about the business and the start up and the ongoing cost of developing this as a successful business. Thanks. Will look forward for your email.


Jessica Parmar

Hey Riddhi,

Great to connect with you :) I work with a lot of people from Australia through Skype, so I definitely can help you out. I also work with a ton of people showing how to build a business online whether that is in MLM or not :) I will send you an e-mail and we can set up a time to connect.




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